Just a Bit Longer

I intended to upload all my Oregon pictures this weekend and start posting about our trip. However, we spent the weekend catching up on laundry and household chores. Yesterday, WineGuy left for work at 7:00 a.m. and walked back in the door at 9:30 a.m. feeling putrid. He must have had a flu virus:  fever of 103ºF all day, achy, headaches, slept all day, sweating profusely. He stayed home from work again today because he was still feeling weak. WG intends to go back to work tomorrow.

In the meantime, we planned our last hurrah for the summer:  a road trip next week. I’ve made all the hotel reservations, but now I need to reschedule the kids’ medical appointments. Oh, joy. Now I have to run all my last-minute school errands this week, clean Wild Thing’s closet and get him organized for school, and do it all again.

I must be crazy.


4 thoughts on “Just a Bit Longer

  1. Poor Wine Guy, I hate being ill, esp. in the summer. Enjoy you “last trip of the summer”. I will be thinking of you as I head back to school on Monday.

  2. no crazier than the fact that we’re voluntarily going to FL this lovely time of year 😉

    enjoy your last trip of the summer, and i hope everyone is doing better!!!!!!!!!!! poor WG. nothing like getting sick when it’s hot out to make you feel incredibly awful 😦

  3. Looking forward to the travelogue. I’ve enjoyed the Utah and Alaska trip accounts so much I’m putting together a detailed account of our Europe trip. Take care, stay healthy and stay cool.

  4. Poor WineGuy. Not that there’s any good time to be sick, but it always seemed to me the summer was the worst time to have a cold or the flu. Hope he’s feeling better.

    I can’t believe it’s almost back-to-school time already. The summer has flown by!

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