Wet, Not Wild

Tropical Storm Fay passed through The Zone last night and this morning. If any of you were listening to NPR, you probably heard Radio Mom giving weather updates from here. Fay made landfall at approximately 5:00 a.m. at Cape Romano, just south of Marco Island, in the 10,000 Islands. There are reports of intermittent flooding in the general vicinity and some power outages. Local reports showed winds peaking at about 60 mph in some areas.

It’s still raining here, but my neighborhood isn’t flooded. I live 4.5 miles from the beach. We have a few twigs and branches down, but otherwise are in good shape. We really need the rain, as does all of Florida. I hope TS Fay stalls over Lake Okeechobee and fills it up all the way.

Here’s a shout out to Time For The Bell and The Family Blender to stay safe and dry.


4 thoughts on “Wet, Not Wild

  1. Glad you have power. We do too. I hear the office is out – as usual. Darn the luck — I guess I will have to stay home today!

  2. Yeah, I am looking forward to the rain stopping by Monday. Central Florida is working on building up the water supplies. I am thankful that I am not on the east coast with the 23+ inches.

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