Political Tectonics

Pre-dawn, before the alarm. A frisson of excitement in the air. The electricity is palpable. Election Day 2008. We stand on the precipice of history.

In my young life, I have voted in only six presidential elections thus far. Most of them were mundane. One was objectively historical (2000), yet I was removed from the fray —  living in Pennsylvania while the drama played out in Florida. This year is different.

Now the stage is set across the nation.  From Pennsylvania’s anthracite-laden birthplace of freedom to the teeming shores and swamps of Florida. From the fertile valleys of Virginia to the sere, red rocks of Nevada. From steely, granite New Hampshire to Missouri’s lush heartland. From the teetering economy of post-industrial Ohio to the Rockies and deserts of Colorado and New Mexico. Americans make history when we vote this year.

Whether your blood runs blue or red or an undecided purple, get out there and vote. Make a decision and  write a new chapter for the United States. My only wish is that we have a clear winner this evening. I want to wake up tomorrow and feel the paradigm shift.


4 thoughts on “Political Tectonics

  1. Hi back and thanks for visiting our little (sort of travel) blog! 🙂 We have early voting here in NC and we still had to wait 30 minutes, apparently almost half of eligible voters voted early this year! I, for one, plan on watching ridiculous amounts of TV this evening and am totally with you on the hoping there’s a clear winner before my bedtime.

  2. I love the way you ended this…

    I want to wake up tomorrow and feel the paradigm shift.

    Right on.

    I voted just after lunch time. It turned out to be the right time to go. It’s the first time ever that I didn’t have to stand in a long line.

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