The Letter N

Several days ago, Marcia over at Are We There Yet? tagged me to participate in this funny little alphabet meme.

In the spirit of Sesame Street, today’s post is brought to you by the letter

N is for nest

Here are ten things I love that begin with N:

  1. WineGuy, whose first name really begins with “N”
  2. Noodles:  Chinese, Japanese, Italian, all kinds!
  3. Neruda: Pablo Neruda’s poetry, particularly “Crepusculario”
  4. Norman Love chocolates
  5. National Public Radio, esp. the Saturday morning line-up on my local station
  6. Natalie Cole’s music, especially “This Will Be
  7. Noventa Millas cd by Gloria Estefan
  8. “Nanu-nanu” and everything else Robin Williams said on the old “Mork and Mindy” show.
  9. The mourning dove’s nest on my front porch.
  10. Naples, Florida

Not exactly inspired, but this meme was harder than it appeared.


4 thoughts on “The Letter N

  1. Hmmm …. now I’m going to be wondering all day. I can’t think of very many men’s first names that start with N. I can only think of three at the moment. Nate, Neil, Ned …..

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