Movie Sequels

We just returned from seeing “Madagascar: Return 2 Africa”. I really didn’t want to go, but Wild Thing and Moose begged. We had a free afternoon — no school — so we went. It was a snore. The music wasn’t even as fun as the first movie (“I like to move it, move it.”) In all, a waste of time. No Madagascar 2

“Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was another sequel we saw this year. The premise of the movie was far-fetched. The ending was so metaphysical; it was too cryptic for most teens to understand. I loved the first Harry Potter movie but thought the succeeding ones were weaker. Ditto for the very first Star Wars movie and its successors and prequels.

At the moment, I can’t really think of a movie sequel that was as good as, or even better than, the original. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Movie Sequels

  1. Well, I have to reveal my taste for certain forms of lowbrow culture here, but Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle was just as fun as the first one, and Shanghai Knights was almost as good as Shanghai Noon. If you like that sort of thing. 😛

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