Let’s Move to Nebraska!

If you haven’t heard about Nebraska’s new “safe haven” law, let me enlighten you. Nebraska’s Legislative Bill 157 provides:

No person shall be prosecuted for any crime based solely upon the act of leaving a child in the custody of an employee on duty at a hospital licensed by the State of Nebraska. The hospital shall promptly contact appropriate authorities to take custody of the child.

The legislative intent behind the law was to provide safe haven for infant children left at Nebraska hospitals. The bill’s wording was imprecise — merely stating “children” instead of “infant children” — and has resulted in nearly two dozen children, infants through teens, being left at Nebraska hospitals since the bill went into effect on July 18, 2008. At least three of those children were deposited in Nebraska from out-of-state parents.

WineGuy and I think this is a great idea. In fact, we are ready to pull up stakes and move The Zone to Omaha. We can finally get Wizard OUT OF OUR HOUSE. Wizard was so horrible today that the rabbi called me, an hour into Sunday school, and insisted I take Wizard home. He was being defiant and uncooperative. The day degraded from there and ended with me screaming at him (again). The boy is not doing his schoolwork, or if he is, he does not turn it in.

When and how did this child

Wizard at 9

turn into this?

Wiz is the DevilLazy, negative, defiant, oppositional, manipulative, controlling, moody, nasty, aggressive, bully.

Wizard, we’re moving to Nebraska, and we’re leaving you there.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Move to Nebraska!

  1. Oh, just you wait …. you haven’t even gotten to the real bad teenage years yet.

    I wish this law had been in effect about 5 years ago. I would have bought my dear son a one-way ticket to Nebraska in a heartbeat.


  2. Sorry you’re still having trouble. What happened with the counseling?
    In any case, you’d better hurry. The Nebraska legislature is about to change the law and impose a 3-day-old limit.

  3. man, i have a lot of catching up to do! so sorry to hear that things have not been stellar, to put it mildly. we’re just hitting the tween years hard here, so i can hardly imagine what’s beyond.

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