Ladies Who Lunch

Today I had lunch with “the girls”. It was Marie’s birthday and Belle organized a ladies lunch for her at Brio. Everyone brought gifts, which Marie gleefully opened.

Everyone was “good” and stuck to their diets, but Belle insisted we have a little drinkie-poo with lunch. Me? Drink in the middle of the day? Never say never. Two bottles of Pinot Grigio and two hours later we were still at the table chatting and laughing. Belle came up with this fun little party game: Each person had to  write down the name of a famous guy whom she thought was hot. Then each woman had to write down the name of a famous women whom she’d like to emulate (be). We threw the slips of paper in the bread basket — “Whoa! Waiter! Don’t take that basket!!” Marie drew each one out, and we tried to guess who wrote down which name.

Men: a couple of women chose Matthew McConaghey. One chose Denzel Washington, and I chose Harrison Ford. Why? Because I have a long-standing crush on the man; because I couldn’t think of anyone else, and because I’m old.

Women: Belle chose Oprah Winfrey. I told Belle if she gets to be Oprah, I want to be Gayle King! Another woman, an avid tennis player, chose Anna Kournikova. Me? I chose Idina Menzel. Marie couldn’t even pronounce her name. Since no one knew who Idina is, they correctly deduced that I chose her. Why? Because I love Idina Menzel’s voice; because I envy her career on Broadway, and because I couldn’t think of anyone else.

OK, I hear you all grousing, “Who is Idina Menzel?” This is Idina Menzel:

She’s gorgeous. She has a phenomenal voice. She’s had a great career on Broadway:  She played Maureen Johnson in the original cast of “Rent”. WineGuy and I saw her phenomenal performance on Broadway. Ms. Menzel also appeared in another little show called “Wicked”.

Oh, and she’s Jewish. And, she’s married to Taye Diggs, who is one fine specimen of humanity himself.

Taye Diggs

So, it’s not so far-fetched to want to be a beautiful, Jewish, female, Broadway star with a killer body and a handsome husband. Oh well . . . three out of six isn’t bad.

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