My Shakespearean Life

My life has been both comic and tragic this week. Lots and LOTS of drama regarding Wizard, all of which is too serious to post here. Hopefully, the kid has finally hit bottom and is willing to straighten up and meet his responsibilities. If not, he’s in for a seismic change in his life . . . and soon.

Everyone in the family is stressed by Wizard’s behavior. Wild Thing seems to be coping well, but evidently Moose is not. Moose argued with his teacher, and he had to turn in two reward tickets for talking back. Moose then had lunch and went out to play at recess. He gave a push to a boy swinging on the monkey bars. Then a girl asked him to give her a push. He pushed her too hard, and her slippery hands lost their grip on the bar. She fell off and broke her wrist. Oh no.

Moose got in the car after school and said nothing until I asked him about his day. He started yelling something about the girl and how it wasn’t his fault, etc. I freaked and called the teacher. Neither Moose’s teacher nor any adult saw what happened; another child reported the story:  Moose pushed the little girl, and she fell down. The teacher told Moose to write an apology to his classmate. When we got home, Moose sat down nicely and wrote the note. Moose told me the story again, but I didn’t believe him. In the meantime, I called the little girl’s parents to ask how she was and apologize. Profusely. Over the course of several phone calls this afternoon, the other mom and I determined that Moose’s story was true:  the little girl wanted Moose to push her (to swing her) like the other boy, but Moose pushed too hard. The girl’s hands were sweaty; she lost her grip and fell. An accident . . . just like Moose reported. I felt awful for doubting him.

The question is:  now that Wizard is a little more compliant, how long can I drag out the “dire consequences and guilt” responses to keep him in line?


2 thoughts on “My Shakespearean Life

  1. Oh, no …. I’m so sorry. So, it sounds like this is more serious than just the regular pre-teen/teen stuff that we all suffer through.

    Although I don’t know the specifics of your situation, I feel like I know the agony that you must be going through. We went to hell and back with our son. What we went through was about as bad as it gets, short of what our friend mll went through with dd1.

    I’m sorry! It will get better. I promise. They grow up, and most of them eventually turn out to be the kind of person that their parents raised. You instilled your values in him at a very early age, and he’ll go back to those values when he grows up.

  2. Been there, done that, too. Mine, now approaching 26, has become what Heidilou said, the kind of person we raised. But it is so NOT easy to get through it while you are going through it. You are so lucky to have your good friends to love and support you. Virtual hugs.

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