Chef Alto2

She stirsYesterday, a long-time friend, Missy, called me and asked me a question about “demi-glaze”. I gently corrected her that the correct term was “demi-glâce” and told her what it was (a concentrated reduction of veal or beef broth). Missy — a terrific cook herself — was making a standing rib-roast, and her recipe called for demi-glâce to make a sauce. I told her where I thought she could purchase pre-made demi-glâce locally, and then we discussed how to simplify the sauce recipe. She wanted to add sauteed mushrooms and some wine. So, I recommended she make a basic beef gravy by starting with a roux and adding beef stock. She would then add her sauteed mushrooms and some red wine to broaden the flavor. Then, I suggested she use her immersion blender to bring the sauce together and thicken it.

This morning Missy called me to say the roast and the sauce were a big hit. I was thrilled. When I saw the “Hey good lookin’ whatcha got cookin'” quiz over in the Minivan Lane, I knew I had a blogpost in the works. According to HelloQuizzie, I’m “hot stuff”.

Your result for The hey good lookin’ whatcha got cookin’ test…

Executive Chef 92%

92% accuracy!

Amazing result! You must really know your veggies. Either you are already a chef, or perhaps you just love to cook. You seemed to do well with even the more obscure vegetables.

Most of the vegetables used in this test came straight from the garden. They were so much fresher than those that are shipped across the country. For more recipes and pictures feel free to check out my blog “”.

Here’s how you did compared to others…

Executive Chef

Sous Chef

Sauté Chef

Vegetable Chef

Fry Cook

Maître D’

Bus Boy

Wendy’s Bun Toaster

Please visit my journal if you wish to check your answers.

Take The hey good lookin’ whatcha got cookin’ test
at HelloQuizzy

But . . . I want to know what I got wrong!


4 thoughts on “Chef Alto2

  1. I took you up on your idea to post a comment in a different blog each day as part of NaBloPoMo and I also took you up on taking the quiz.

    I would be honored to be your sous chef with my 81% accuracy.

    Thank you for the great idea and directing me to a great quiz. It went perfectly with my morning decaf.

  2. LOVE your blog! But I’m sooooo humiliated….I took the “watcha got cookin” quiz and it turns out I’m a lowly fry cook! And I thought for sure I would get at least to the Sous Chef level. Guess I’ll go slink back to my “Cooking Basics for Dummies” book….

    Thanks for visiting Parking Lot Mamas!


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