In With The New

Today I registered Wizard at the Zone Middle School (ZMS). I found the front office staff to be particularly friendly and helpful, especially since I had all the paperwork in order. The guidance counselor was helpful but reserved. The whole process took about an hour, including calling our zoned elementary school for the results of Wizard’s gifted testing two years ago. Once the paperwork was done, the school called down a neighbor kid, whom Wizard knows from lacrosse, to show Wizard around.

Apparently, Wizard’s day went pretty well. He found all his classes without too much trouble. He really likes the kids in his advanced language arts class. Wizard reported that all of his classes were “easy, and it shouldn’t be hard to pull straight As.” OK by me. He even rode the bus home by himself. [sniff] That’s the first time. He came home and did his homework — way less than Snooty School — and had time to ride his bike up the street and chat with his new schoolmates. That was a good thing.

However, I foresee conflict on the horizon because we’re going to have a showdown over the laptop Wizard’s grandmother promised him. WineGuy is totally opposed and told Mom so on the phone last night.  I think we need to reach a compromise position (limits, parameters, etc.) so that we keep Wizard progressing behaviorally and academically. I’m enlisting the help of the therapist to give us all some perspective on this issue.


One thought on “In With The New

  1. First of all – I am glad that things are starting off positively at the new school for Wizard and I hope that keeps up.

    Secondly – I laughed so damn hard when I saw your new blog header!!! You see…I will be rotating mine after Saturday since football will be over and I’ve left that up there out of superstition since the team has been undefeated..blah blah blah…anyway..I’ve been thinking of possible replacement photos and I swear that on Sunday when I put on my version of that t-shirt I got the idea to use it!! But my shirt is lavendar so I was going to save it for spring 🙂

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