Turkey Day is Here

And I woke up with a full-blown asthma attack — or some sort of bronchitis/pneumonia thing. I coughed up some yuck, showed it to WineGuy and asked, “Where’s the Biaxin?” One pill, one hit of Advair, and two snorts of Veramyst (all steroids) later I was up and running.

Note to self: do not drink caffeinated anything while taking steroids. It’s a noxious combination.

The menu is well-in-hand. Things are cooked or heating nicely. RBW just walked in sans sweet potato slop but with a bowl full of fresh fruit from her backyard. Not good fruit, mind you — fingerling bananas and papayas and some sort of kumquat compote that looked toxic. I am so not eating any of it.

Tired, worn out, sick of cooking, and totally not interested in eating my own food right now.

Happy Turkey Day to all and to all a good night!


6 thoughts on “Turkey Day is Here

  1. Ack! So sorry….don’t be too jealous though…it’s quiet and the house is clean and I am beginning a bit of decorating starting with the fireplace…but at the moment we are still sans plans other than we will go out for dinner *somewhere*..though honestly I don’t care as I have leftover red onion and shrimp pizza with Caesar salad in the ‘fridge for lunch…bad football on tv…warm kitty on lap…seriously after the zaniness that was the last three months I am majorly thankful for some days of utter peace and quiet and doing whatever I choose. Join me on the sofa?

  2. hope you feel better soon
    nothing worse than having to ‘feed and entertain’ when feeling sick
    i’m thankful we don’t have thanksgiving
    but have used it as inspiration to create a postcard with a twist
    the silly season is on us with xmas obligations, thanksiving would be too much
    don’t know how you guys do so many celebrations in one month

  3. I found out the hard way that some of the new antibiotics and caffeine don’t mix well at all. It’s in the very fine print that no one tells you about. Just mentioning it because of the Biaxin.

    Hope you’re feeling better and that you were able to enjoy that fantastic menu you posted.

  4. i hope you’re feeling better by now. i, too, ended up with bronchitis for thanksgiving, which kind of sucked because i had my gallbladder out the friday before. who knew you used stomach muscles when you’re coughing up a lung 😦

    i’m still coughing — as are both my kids, who kindly gave this present to me in the first place — but eventually, we shall overcome. i hope.

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