Moose > Wild Thing

I haven’t felt much like writing lately. I’ve been sick (again) for weeks with a cold/asthma/reactive airway . . .  sleeping in the recliner and coughing, coughing, coughing. Yesterday, before WineGuy and I had (another) big fight about the kids, I took the boys to the grocery store. Wild Thing and Moose took turns weighing themselves on the big scale there. Wild Thing is 9 years old, weighs 77.5 lbs, and wears a 4.5 WW shoe. Moose is 6 “and three-quarters,” wears a 5WW shoe, and weighs 82.5 lbs. Moose is bigger than Wild Thing! I always knew it would happen, but I thought it would take longer. Someone should have told us to buy stock in New Balance before we had kids.

In other news, yet another of my children has bitten the near-sighted dust. In his last week of school before winter break, WT reported he was having trouble seeing the board from the back of the classroom. I took him to the eye doctor, who found WT significantly more near-sighted than in August 2008. We went straight to Sam’s Club Optical from the eye doctor and ordered the glasses. They came in this week, and now two of my three sons wear glasses (Wizard and WT). Moose is now the only member of this household free from visual correction.

BTW, if any of you run into WineGuy, tell him to get off his tush and call the eye doctor. He needs to have his eyes checked and stop wearing those stupid reading glasses!


2 thoughts on “Moose > Wild Thing

  1. I’m like WineGuy — the only thing keeping me ON my tush (about going to the Eye Doctor) is that my insurance doesn’t kick in until Jan. 1. I’m going to the Eye Doc on Jan. 12. (And that’s only because my eye doctor is only in my local office on Monday and I have a Brownie outing on Jan. 5. )

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