Wishes for 2009

I’m great at making New Year’s resolutions and terrible at keeping them. Last year, I resolved to start walking and get healthy. I walked about 3x/week for a few weeks until my knee swelled up. Then I bought a bike and hardly used it.This year, instead of resolutions, I think I’ll make a wish list.

I wish . . .

  • that 2009 will be filled with more tolerant and mature days for Wizard
  • that WineGuy and I will spend far less time putting out all the figurative fires Wizard creates
  • that Wild Thing will spend more time reading and less time fighting about it
  • that Moose cleans his room when asked (let alone keeping it clean regularly)
  • that I would hold my tongue and my temper more
  • that I will finally find the inner motivation to take care of myself
  • that I will blog more regularly
  • that WineGuy get to take a trip together, without our children

That’s enough wishes for now. I need to think about how I can make some of these things actually happen.


5 thoughts on “Wishes for 2009

  1. Some of those are truly wishes as you cannot control them which will give you a chance to work on the patience/holding tongue/temper thing 🙂 But the ones IN your control? Oh you can totally do them!

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