Captive Car

Help! My garage is holding my car hostage, and I can’t get it out! Yesterday, I ran errands with the boys, and the automatic garage door worked just fine. WineGuy and I rounded up the kids to have dinner out and went to open the garage door. It didn’t budge. WTF? I figured it was a problem with the hinges getting sticky, so I sprayed them with a special lubricant last evening. When I tried to lift the door, it stuck firm. I stepped back from the interior mechanism and looked carefully at all the parts. The huge coil that operates the door was broken. I have no idea how it happened, but the door is firmly closed, and there is no way I can move my car.

I’ve cancelled all my appointments for Monday morning and need to ask a neighbor if she can take the boys to school. I hope I can get a repairman out here ASAP; otherwise, everyone will have to walk home from school.


6 thoughts on “Captive Car

  1. Are you sure you can’t somehow disengage the door opener? I know at our last house there was a little rope thingie hanging down that we could pull to disconnect the door from the opener so that we could lift it manually. We had to do that a couple of times when we had power outages. I’m not sure if we have the same type of rope thingie hanging down at this house. I haven’t looked for it.

  2. I just looked. Yes, we have that same type of rope thingie hanging down from the garage door opener in this house. Go look and see if you have one. Ours is just a little rope with a red plastic handle, sort of like the rope you pull to start a lawn mower. If you pull down on that, it might disengage your door so you can lift it manually.

  3. This same thing happened at our house a couple of years ago. I will check with FM to see how he rescued my car. If he knows the trick, we will pay a visit tomorrow.

    If I remember right, Heidi Lou’s idea will not work.

  4. Heidi Lou is right, that is the safety opener. When you pull on it, it will click and it unlocks the garage door from the opener. You then can “muscle” the door open. To lock it again, you pull the handle back towards the motor and it will click again. *hugs*

  5. Being from a long line of cheap Yankees, most people I know don’t have a remote opener, so I know nothing about them, but know that if the spring attached to the door is broken you are out of luck until it is repaired. This happened at my parents years ago, it was the the only way to get them to take a break from their landscaping business. Good luck I hope it is fixed quickly.

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