There are several families on our street whose children attend the Snooty School. I’m not well-acquainted with most, but I took a chance and called Skater’s Mom to see if she can take Moose and Wild Thing to school tomorrow. Although Skater, the daughter, isn’t feeling too well tonight, Skater’s Mom gladly agreed to take the boys. Thank you, Skater’s Mom! I owe you one.

Curiously enough, when I explained the garage door problem to her, she exclaimed the exact same thing happened to her two months ago. Her house was built just a few months before mine, so the timing is more than coincidental. Here’s what the problem looks like:

What I want to know is why do garage door springs break in Florida? We never had a problem like this in Pennsylvania or at my parents’ house in DC. When I researched it a bit further on the Internet, it seems like there are lots of broken door spring parts and repairmen in humid climates.

Curiouser and curiouser.


4 thoughts on “Neighborly

  1. It took 30 years and a truck with a cap on hitting the door for my parents spring to break. So I have heard of it before, but it isn’t common up here.

  2. We have had to replace springs in 2houses that we have lived in. Our house in Illinois (It broke within the first 2 years we were there) the house in New Jersey and then we had to replace the complete opener due to a burned out motor here in Florida. They are pretty quick to fix, thank heavens. Good luck getting it taken care of quickly.

  3. We had to replace our springs a few years ago. When they came to replace the first one, we were told that the second one will go soon too. They only had one in the truck, so we could not replace both as suggested. Sure enough, a few weeks later the second spring sprung!

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