Keep The Dream Alive

It’s not about race.

It is about race.

It’s not about experience.

It is about experience.

It’s not about partisanship.

It is about partisanship.

It’s not about the old guard.

It might about a new world order.

For those of us who suffered through the larceny of 2000 and the buffoonery of the last eight years, today is about hope . . . and change . . . and vision . . . and intelligence.

For those of us who have identified with the minority, we now stand up to be counted. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. They paved the way so we could succeed.

Congratulations, Mr. Obama, Mr. President.


2 thoughts on “Keep The Dream Alive

  1. Congratulations! If President Obama lives up to only a fraction of the world’s expectations, he will surely become one of the greatest men of our time

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