Unexpected Trip

DC is in Florida, and Florida will go to DC. The first part:  my aunt and uncle drove down from DC to spend a few days here in SW Florida. They want to have dinner with us within the next 10 days. Easier said than done because I have to fly up to DC this weekend.

My SIL, VJ’s, father passed away yesterday afternoon. He was nearly 90 and in pretty good health until the end — he had  massive stroke last weekend. His funeral is in DC this weekend, and I am compelled to go. VJ’s dad was a pretty quiet guy and a wonderful grandfather to my nieces and nephews. He was the polar opposite of his late wife, VJ’s mother, who was a high-speed, fast-talking dynamo who could organize a barbeque or a political rally in minutes with all the grace and kindness in the world.

Although VJ has her own sister, she has been like a sister to me. I have known her for 3/4 of my life. I was 12 when she met my brother and 15 when they  married. When I was young, VJ faithfully wrote letters to me at camp. When I was in college, VJ and DocBro invited me to visit them in NYC, where they always picked up the tab. They drove up to my college graduation and flew down for my law school graduation. VJ hosted a bridal shower for me when I got engaged and offered to host baby showers when I got pregnant. She was the first family member I turned to when I miscarried. VJ, like her late mother, is a font of grace and wisdom. VJ and DocBro have always  been there for WineGuy and me. With each of my scary pregnancies and deliveries, one or both of them has driven or flown to be with us. When my father passed away last year, VJ was an enormous help to the whole family, organizing food, donations, etc.

VJ is a great wife, mother, friend, and SIL, and I would do anything to be there for her at this time. WineGuy will have to completely change his schedule on the two busiest days of his week. But, he offered to do so because he understands I must go.

I hope to spend a little time with my old friend, Spy, while I’m there. I also have a strong desire to take the Metro downtown and just stand outside The White House for a little while. The Obamas will never know I’m there, but I want to offer my silent good wishes to them personally.

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Trip

  1. I am very sorry for her loss and very glad that you will be there for her.

    And while you are standing outside the White House (something I hope we can all do in October), please send them good wishes from San Diego. As you can see from the new banner on my blog, I am kinda thrilled with the current occupants there 🙂

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