Grocery Help

I was forced to take took Wild Thing and Moose grocery shopping with me this week. It was mildly better than when they were little, but not  much. Once I figured out to have one drive and one fetch grocery items, things went much more smoothly. WT was surprised at this week’s bill, nearly $250.00. I had him multiply that number by 4 so he could see what I spend to feed the family every month. Then I had him multiply the monthly figure by 12 so he could see how much we spend on groceries each year. WT was astounded.

When we got home, we each took in a bag of groceries; I went to my room and took off my shoes. I as walked back into the kitchen I found two ingenious boys carrying a load of grocery bags:

Carry that weight!

It was Wild Thing’s idea — I’m impressed. How about you?


5 thoughts on “Grocery Help

  1. You know, after we left you this afternoon this very thought went through my mind: “Wow, she’s taking BOTH those boys to the supermarket. How does she do that…?!” Glad to see everyone made it home in one piece! And yes, that’s a very enterprising move on the part of your boys. But I’d expect nothing less from sons o’ yours! 🙂

    It was great to see you and catch up, even if only partway. We need to make a habit of that. Still mulling over your excellent idea for that summer school course…!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I am still getting over that you actually remember to take the bags to the store so that you can actually use them!

    Okay, I am over that . . . yes the inventiveness is quite impressive.

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