Freezer Burn

Last night, Wild Thing asked to have some Starbucks ice cream. He retrieved the container from the big freezer in the garage and exclaimed, “It’s slush!” Slush turned out to be soup, as in lukewarm, melted, chocolate-caramel-coffee slop. WineGuy raced out to the garage to find water all over the floor in front of the upright freezer and the entire box completely defrosted.

What started out as an annoying (but otherwise sedate) evening featuring a food fight and general  misbehavior from WT and Wizard devolved into a frenzy of activity. WG and I worked in tandem to unload the contents of the big freezer into a smaller one. The boys gathered all the batteries, which had been stored in the freezer, and tossed them all into a green bag in the garage. Wizard “kindly” brought the hose around to the garage but intended to drag it through the house, leaving all the doors open for the cats to escape again. Thank G-d, WG stopped that charade. I then wrestled the hose and 2 different outside spigots before I got one to work. I hosed out the garage and left it open to dry last night. I’m sure there are critters lurking in there right now. Ew.

Back inside, I sat down at the computer to look at upright freezers online, trying to see if I could narrow today’s shopping trip to one stop — Costco, BestBuy or Lowe’s. WG got pissed because he couldn’t sit here in the office, so I gave up and watched “American Idol,” which I recorded. This morning, I went to Best Buy and Lowe’s. Lowe’s gave me the better deal on an in-stock item, so my new freezer should be here tomorrow afternoon. Kudos to the Operations Manager at the local Lowe’s for meeting BB’s price on a similar (but not equivalent) model in order to make the sale!


Idle thoughts about last night’s “Idol”:

  • I hate Megan Joy’s tattoo. Her dress and her dancing looked awful. Idol producers should have taken girlfriend to an ENT for a bolus of cortisone to help her voice.
  • Adam Lambert’s version of “Ring of Fire” was wrong on so many levels.
  • Anoop Desai’s version of “Always On My Mind” was transcendent … a nod to Willie without the mimicry. This is what “Ring of Fire” should have been.
  • Danny Gokey fell apart. Why?
  • The judges finally realized the similarities between Matt Giraud and Michael Bublé.

3 thoughts on “Freezer Burn

  1. Still love Adam – added an update to my first take on his song. On the radio it was really good – but then, I was not as appalled at it originally. Agree with you completely on Anoop and I laughed when they made the Matt/Buble comparison!

  2. Do you read the newspaper comics? This week’s Baby Blues strip is all about every kitchen appliance breaking down on the same day…

    Alto2, what’s up with the change in your blog’s appearance? I noticed another blog I frequent has changed in roughly the same way, and I’m wondering if this is some sort of cosmic coincidence or a WordPress thing.

    Happy Friday!

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