I Hate Taxes

I always leave them for the last minute, that’s why. I filed an extension for the federal taxes, but I needed to file a CALIFORNIA tax return for my Jeopardy winnings which were paid in 2008. That was a colossal hemorrhoid, considering The Golden State owes me a refund. In the meantime, I wanted you to commiserate with Robert Cray’s “1040 Blues,” but I couldn’t get the file to upload.


3 thoughts on “I Hate Taxes

  1. I’ll feel sorry for you this year, but next year you’ll have to feel sorry for ME! Because next year I’ll have to file taxes for Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia AND Ohio.

    UGH! I usually only have to file PA and DE.

  2. now california took it’s share of my winnings before i left the studio. maybe times have changed under the governator… or maybe i just won too little 😉

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