Life’s Circle

Life completed another circle this week. My late father’s cousin, M, died of complications from diabetes. M and Dad were two of 33 first cousins at one time. M and his wife, S, were second parents to me when I moved to Miami in the mid-1980s. I attended law school, and they welcomed me with open arms, making me feel like a part of their immediate family. M was loud and more than opinionated, but his heart was in the right place. I have to go to Miami on Sunday to pay my condolences.

On May 14th, Niece T, who lives in Israel, gave birth to her second child. It’s a boy, and he and the mama are healthy. Niece T and her husband are Orthodox Jews, like The Egg, so the baby will receive his name at his Brit Milah, next week when he is 8 days old.

WT enjoys Spring Break near home.

WT enjoys Spring Break near home.

Most importantly, on May 14th Wild Thing turned 10 years old. I regret my father wasn’t alive to help us celebrate this birthday, and I will regret Dad’s not living to witness WT’s Bar Mitzvah in three years. Although Dad never played favorites, WT always had a special place in his heart. Until his dying day, Dad considered WT a wunderkind. If you don’t know WT’s birth story, you may read it here. It is a pregnancy horror story, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

WT is now finishing up 4th Grade. The school year started off well. WT diligently brought his work home and completed everything. Things have fallen apart over the course of the year:  WT’s teachers report that he is routinely behind in class. He’s slow to focus and get his work done. It’s been evident to me for a long time that WT will have to be evaluated for ADD or ADHD issues. WineGuy can no longer ignore Wild Thing’s overactive, unfocused, and uncontrollable behavior. You never want to medicate your kids, but when behavior interferes with schoolwork, then you must address the issue. That’s the ugly side.

The bright side of Wild Thing is as delightful and funny as he ever was. WT loves to laugh and is forever trying to make up funny jokes. When he’s successful, he has us rolling. When not, we roll our eyes. WT loves music; he is learning to play guitar in Beginning Band this year. He fancies himself a composer — he knows all of three chords. 😉 WT loves the limelight as much as his mother:  he recently had a small part in the Snooty School’s production of “The Jungle Book”. He played Colonel Hathi … the elephant! He showed a lot of stage presence. WT will take some piano lessons this summer and hopefully will continue practicing the guitar.

WT loves sports. He and Moose played soccer in a local rec league this spring. WT really loved it, and his skills improved greatly. WT loves running and cannot wait to join the track and cross-country teams when he reaches middle school. WT likes baseball; he’ll go to a baseball camp this summer. Of all the boys, WT truly enjoyed our weekly Spring Training excursions in March 2009. He is very excited for the Boston Red Sox to have a bigger training complex near us and for the Baltimore Orioles to train in Fort Myers as well.

While not a big fan of reading, WT has discovered a few authors whose works he loves:  Roland Smith, Carl Hiaasen, and Roald Dahl. WT has been waiting with baited breath for Roland Smith’s I,Q:  The White House to reach the bookstore; it was to have been published in April 2009, and we’re STILL waiting. I am grateful that WT’s language arts teacher made the class keep individual reading logs this year. I hope WT will have a summer reading requirement, too.

Wild Thing can be so responsible and helpful — when he wants to. When he doesn’t, he’s a stubborn mule. He’s still the goofy, happy kid he always was, but he’s developing that rolling-eyed, sighing, irritable ‘tween attitude. Oh. Joy. Like we haven’t had enough from Wizard this year. If Moose stays sweet for a few more years, WineGuy and I just might make it!

Happy 10th Birthday, Wild Thing. For better or worse, you are my son, and I love you fiercely.


3 thoughts on “Life’s Circle

  1. My son was a wild thing in his own way (he is now 26, a baker fulltime, getting his B.S. online at Full Sail University, with a girlfriend and a cat). We had the same reluctance to medicate, tried it 4th grade through 8th with mixed results. We had better luck with 504 plan and constant contact with school and guidance folks. And we were lucky that his high IQ and winning personality helped him get through the worst of the missing homework and wandering attention. Best of luck!

    • WT is in private school, so I don’t think a 504 applies. The school, in theory, is supposed to keep us updated on the child’s progress — or lack thereof. We need to make some changes this summer.

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