Cars Fixed

After two weeks of ferrying vehicles to mechanics and the dealer for service, our cars are fixed.  The Volvo dealer graciously fixed the jammed seatbelt buckle for free yesterday. I offered to buy my service technician lunch, but she refused. That woman walks on water.

The mechanic who “fixed” the brakes on my minivan checked the entire brake system and couldn’t find anything wrong. This does not inspire confidence. He replaced the blown tire at his cost, saying “If I could prove the brake failure was my fault, I’d pay for the tire.” Thank you. Not. I picked up the Crapler from that mechanie and took it directly to another mechanic who does electrical work. Electro-mech quickly ran the code for my airbag light and determined that it was a bad clockspring. Electro-mech took the steering wheel and airbag mechanism apart and replaced the clockspring today. I really liked him and would certainly use him again.

Getting the car back involved a day of driving again. WineGuy woke me at 6:00A so I could take him to work for a 7:00 case downtown at the hospital. I came back home and checked email while the boys got ready for camp. I drove Wild Thing and Moose back downtown to rock-climbing camp and then dropped Wizard at the YMCA in mid-town. Then I drove home to the north end of town. I was really tired, but I feared that if I sat in the Lazy Mom chair, I’d fall asleep and be late to pick up Moose and WT. So, I messed around on the computer in order to stay awake. At 12:30P it was back downtown to rock-climbing camp, then up to the bookstore in mid-town to kill a little time and return something; over to the YMCA to pick up Wizard at 3:00P; then to Electro-mech to drop off the check; and finally home. But … I had a feeling WG might be finished with work, so I texted him and found out he was done. Threw the boys back in the car and drove even further north, across the county line, to pick up WG at the north office. Turned around and drove all the way back to mid-town to pick up the Crapler. WG offered to take us for dinner then, but I was too exhausted. I said “Let’s go home. I’ll rest for a few minutes and make dinner.”

Those “few minutes” turned into an hour’s nap. I could not move when my alarm rang. I finally crawled out of my room at nearly 6:00P. WG did not want to wait for me to cook dinner then, so we went to Jason’s Deli for a quick bite. Gotta love that salad bar. Fortunately, the boys were pretty cooperative tonight and went to bed without much fuss.

I am buying a new car this year. More on that topic tomorrow.

One thought on “Cars Fixed

  1. New cars are GOOD! My last new car was/is my Chrysler Sebring convertible…my midlife crisis car, I am told. It is fun enough to keep me from looking at new cars for a long time. Of course, my kids are grown and gone, so I can get away with a convertible.

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