One Small Step For Me

I finally got WineGuy down to the local Mercedes dealership to look at the GL320 Bluetec. He was in a crummy mood when he got there, but he willingly sat in all the seats and looked at the entire vehicle. Yay! We finally discussed the car issue tonight and hashed some things out.

WineGuy is not into cars. He views them as utilitarian transportation, at best. I, on the other hand, love cars and always drove a decent car. At this point in my life, I would like to have a “nice” car. As far as the Mercedes goes, WineGuy is concerned with the price of the car, yet he appreciates how incredibly well it’s made, how safe it is, and the impressive mileage it gets for its size. He positively hated the black exterior/black interior vehicle he saw in the showroom. I didn’t like it either — too sinister. WG made it clear tonight that he “doesn’t like black anything” — clothes, cars — except for shoes and belts. We sat down tonight at the computer and looked at the GL320’s colors on the Mercedes website. He like the Iridium Silver and the Arctic White the best, and I like those, too. However, he absolutely does not want a black interior; this is a problem because any silver 320’s I’ve seen online have black interiors.  WG would go for silver/gray, white/tan, or white/gray. So, I told him I wanted to get some prices to see where we stood. Yay again!

Little does he know that I contacted the Costco auto program 2 days ago and have been talking to MB reps since. I am currently working with a terrific woman at a dealership about 2 hours from here. (Let’s call her Benz Babe.) Benz Babe really wants to make the sale, and she has worked hard to find me a car. She found a nearly perfect match for me today — car in Massachusetts — but it’s silver/black. I’ll call Benz Babe tomorrow and ask her to search again for our preferred color combinations. She also has researched trade-in values on my Crapler minivan and is prepared to make me a fair offer there. Yay for three! Keep your cyber fingers crossed for me.

What prompted WG’s willingness to discuss cars? He attended a hospital meeting at which he saw a colleague drive up in a black Ford Flex Limited. WG talked with the other doc about the car and heard some plusses and one serious minus. WG commented how much he hated the black Flex, and my heart sank. If I were to buy that car, I wanted it in black with a silver roof. So, while we were looking at cars online tonight, we reviewed Flex colors. WG likes the dark blue with a white roof; it looks nearly black to me. WG also likes the new red Flex with a white roof a lot; it looks like a firetruck to me.Then, I told him the Flex will not be built with a telescoping and tilting steering wheel until later in 2009, so I would not look to buy one until October or November 2009. That’s a big problem because more things are starting to go wrong with the Crapler … big ticket items like malfunctioning sliding doors. No thank you. Very much.

Let’s see where this goes, shall we? As Chicago Mom recently said, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Amen, sister.


5 thoughts on “One Small Step For Me

  1. Yay! Lemme know if you need any further help with the arm twisting.

    He and I share the same taste in car colors – I loathe black and have avoided it in even my used cars. I’ve had the tan and now have the gray interior and love both. White/Tan is my most favored MBZ combo.

    Anyhow – progress! Good luck!

  2. I hope Benz Babe doesn’t read you blog or she’s liable to consider $1.98 a fair offer for the Crapler. Good luck in finding something you can both be happy with.

  3. Excellent progress!

    Be careful about buying the car at a far away dealer. I understand that when it comes to service, you will be persona non grada to our snobby overpriced local dealer’s service/warranty department. For someone that keeps cars for a while, it might be penny wise and pound foolish in the long run. I would let them have a final shot at the sale, no matter how much you like Benz Babe.

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