Unhappy, Undecided

More car nonsense. I realize that the Flex is probably the vehicle I should buy, but I’m just not excited about it anymore. WineGuy said to me tonight, “If that’s the car you want, go ahead and order it.” But really, it’s not the car I want. I want the Mercedes; he doesn’t fit into it. I would accept a Flex in black; he hates black anything. The one thing we could agree on was the 2010 Flex in Ingot Silver with a white roof.

I’m just not thrilled, not excited. I am resigned and ambivalent. That’s no way to buy a car, especially at today’s prices. I’ll just keep driving the Crapler until the right thing comes along . . . or the transmission disintegrates in the middle of I-75. I should not have gone to the damn Mercedes dealer.

Ho hum.


3 thoughts on “Unhappy, Undecided

  1. I totally agree. We don’t get to buy new cars very often and when we do, it should be something positive. My midlife fun car is a Chrysler Sebring convertible that still, after 4 years and totally paid off status, fills my heart with joy. Good luck figuring this one out.

  2. Yep, I understand—-that’s exactly how I was with the house we just bought….the house next door would have been more economical and probably a better “fit” size-wise for our shrinking family but it would have been a let-down, and I would have always looked longingly at the house I REALLY wanted.

  3. Right there with you. I see the Pilot has very similar dimensions/leg room to the GL320 but the Flex has a lot more headroom and lots of third row leg room. I just wish I actually liked the Flex! Very discouraging….

    I want a new car too! So done with my Sienna.

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