Some Effort

I just heard from WineGuy that his parents arrived in Florida last night. They will be coming over to The Zone on Friday for Wizard’s Bar Mitzvah on Saturday. Thank G-d. Nevertheless, my FIL announced he did not want and would not accept Torah honors. Fine. Be an ass. Just show up when you’re supposed to.

One less thing to worry about.


3 thoughts on “Some Effort

  1. I’m glad they decided to come. Of course I don’t know what Torah honors are or what not accepting them means, but it sounds like you are dealing with it. I hope you can find some peace amid the stress of the weekend and be able to enjoy the celebratory milestone, even if the occasion is not what you envisioned.

    • During Sabbath morning services, Jews read portions from the Old Testament known as the Torah. Before each portion is read, a congregant comes up to the bimah (altar), stands next to the open Torah scroll, and recites blessings (in Hebrew) about the greatness of G-d who gave us the Torah. The recitation of those blessings — along with opening and closing the Ark — are “Torah honors”.

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