A Milestone and A Turning Point

The Zone is happy to report that  Wizard was indeed Bar Mitzvahed on August 15, 2009. Thankfully,  The Egg did not show up, but he did “de-friend” me on Facebook.

After a fast trip to the East Coast of Florida to pick up my mother, the family settled down for a momentous weekend. My in-laws showed up on Friday, but not in time for all of us to have dinner before Friday services. That was fine, and dinner was quiet, delicious, and devoid of tension. Wizard did a fine job of leading services on Friday night. He sang all the prayers and was respectful to the Rabbi.

Saturday morning dawned bright and hot. Wizard dressed himself handsomely in a suit, a fresh white shirt, and a radiant red tie. At our insistence, he ate a good breakfast and was ready to lead and participate in the Shabbat morning service. Before we left the house, it dawned on Wizard that he would need a tallis (or tallit, a prayer shawl). “Mom,” he asked. “Can I wear my tallis?” I answered, laughing, “Yes, of course! Now is the time for you to wear it and the new kippah (yarmulke) you chose to go with it.” He smiled broadly as he removed the white, satin shawl from its matching bag. Wizard carefully placed the tallis around his neck and minutely adjusted it in the mirror. I gave him a clip for his kippah, and he was ready to go. I took a moment to look at my handsome son, now towering over me at 6 feet. We shared a secret smile, and the family headed to the synagogue.

3 thoughts on “A Milestone and A Turning Point

  1. Well, this sure filled my heart. I am thrilled for all of you that he stood tall and fully participated in the celebration. A glorious memory for all of you.

    Hugs and congratulations to Wizard.

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