Put On A Happy Face

Belle convened The Breakfast Club this morning, and Calvin and I got to talking about our blogs. Calvin was trying to explain to our friend, Nan, about blogging and how certain posts still generate lots of interest months — or even years — after publication. As I tried to show Nan one of my rants about G.E. appliances, I was stunned at the tone of my (quite infrequent) posts over the last few months:  negative, whining, complaining. I didn’t want to read my own blog let alone show it off. Calvin asked why I wasn’t writing anymore, and I realized I was boring myself and everyone else with all the negativity. Calvin’s reply? “Write about something good!”

In no particular order, here’s what’s good in The Zone these days:

  • My great friend from Chicago just moved here. [Calvin, what’s her pseudonym?] She’s a brilliant lawyer and a funny, passionate woman. She’s trying to start a new chapter of her life, and I am so happy she’s back in The Zone.
  • Calvin and another friend invited me to walk with them on the school’s track a couple of mornings a week. We started about six weeks ago (mid-September 2009), and I have been diligently walking ever since. After a scare with Belle’s health two weeks ago, I decided I needed to move my body daily. Since then, I’ve either been walking or biking or Wii-ing at least 30 minutes a day. I have lost 8 pounds in six weeks by dint of exercise alone. I find that I crave the exercise now, and my body craves healthier foods. Yay me!
  • Calvin and Sprite tell me they miss my blog. Sprite insists that I must try to write something daily. Thanks for the props, girls!
  • I love my new car. It gets great mileage.
  • Book Club has a new system for choosing the monthly book and restaurant, a system which does not involve Alto2 running to the bookstore and scrambling for restaurant reservations every month. Now I can enjoy the books without feeling responsible for an unpopular choice.
  • My children are actually keeping their rooms clean, but only because I am hounding them every afternoon to do so.

That’s a pretty good start, don’t you think? Let Little Stevie tell you all about it:



5 thoughts on “Put On A Happy Face

  1. Why not sign up for NaBloPoMo this year? I’m considering it since I’ve felt less-than-inspired with my blogging lately too. And, like starstuk, I read everything.

  2. Well, all of you are in my Reader (which is even setup as an app on my iPhone so I can read you anywhere). However, you know I am a fan of seeing things in a positive light so, nice work and all very good news.

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