I got suckered into volunteering this entire day at school. The day began with the Storybook Parade, which I had planned to attend. Moose and the Lower School students marched around campus dressed in all sorts of wonderful costumes representing their favorite storybook characters. Moose was Percy Jackson from The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan. I made his “costume”:  a custom-designed, orange “Camp Half-Blood” t-shirt with an original Centaur logo on the front and a Poseidon logo on the back; Moose supplied the jeans and a silver pen for “Riptide”. Afterwards, I met a friend for breakfast (which lasted all morning). I picked up  Applebee’s chicken tenders (peanut-free) and delivered them to Moose’s classroom for lunch.

When I arrived at Moose’s class, I found only one other mom there. Mostly everyone dropped off their lunchtime contributions, but no one stayed to help. The other mom, Missy, begged me to stay, and I ended up stuck in the classroom serving and cleaning up until 1:30 p.m. My phone rang:  it was Missy pleading for help setting up a haunted house for the 4th and 5th grades. So, I trudged up to that building — in my now uncomfortable sandals — and proceeded to assemble every Chinese-made, battery-operated Halloween decoration ever sold in America. I thought I could escape before the haunting began, but no. Missy asked me to take a microphone and hide in a closet and say scary things to the kids. How could I, the frustrated musical actress and voice-over wannabe, say no? I gladly scared the crap out of all six classes! By that time, my voice was hoarse, and my feet were sore.

What’s with the feet? When I was in Washington, D.C. two weeks ago — for the annual August96 Moms’ Reunion — I walked all over town in the wrong shoes and without stockings on. I hurt my right foot, and it still does not feel well. I get either sharp pains or a rock-like feeling in the ball of my right foot, and then the toes cramp. I thought walking in running shoes exacerbated the problem, so I bought new walking shoes. They feel pretty good on my feet, but they look dorky for everyday wear. None of my Wolky or Romika sandals feel comfortable either. I’ve put off seeing the podiatrist, but I’m definitely calling her next week.

My big dogs are barking . . . owooooooooooooo . . . or just “ow”.


4 thoughts on “Hall-ow-ween

  1. My son has requested a Percy Jackson themed birthday party in December. Your t-shirt idea sounds great! Pictures, please? We are planning on going to a local gym wot a climbing wall and climb Mount Olympus. I’m trying to figure out what to do with the cake.

    • I will send you JPEGs of the front and the back of the shirt. Print them, in reverse, on t-shirt transfers and iron them on an orange t-shirt. In retrospect, I should have trimmed the transfers around the images because there was a lot of unused space that got ironed on.

  2. YOU’RE BAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOO!!!!!! Life is indeed good. Don’t suppose you caught a little announcement from Snooty School regarding a year-long community-wide writing endeavor…??? You know I’m coming after you….personally…. 🙂

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