Doctors as Patients

Day 2 of NaBloPoMo and already I am stumped for a topic.

About 3 weeks ago, Snooty School sent around an email notifying parents of the availability of the H1N1 vaccine on campus. I got the forms and forwarded the email to WineGuy asking him what he wanted to do. He never replied to me. This past weekend, WG asks me when “we” are vaccinating the boys against H1N1. I replied, “We’re not. We didn’t sign up at school because you never told me that’s what you want. The permission slips were due 2 weeks ago. It may be too late.” WG, unfazed, instructed me to check with the school nurse today.

This morning, I dropped Wild Thing and Moose at school and went in to speak with the nurse. She was already busy with three other things, but she listened to me for a few minutes. Basically, we are too late; our only option is to put WT and Moose on the waiting list at school and hope two spots open up. So, I filled out the forms and put them on the nurse’s waiting list. Her consolation was that the county has started vaccinating people, and we could go that route. Riiiiiiiiiiiight. I really want to wait in line with my 2 wild children for 4-5 hours for a shot. Not. The school nurse will call me on Friday to let me know if there are spots and vaccines available for WT and Moose. The one positive thing that came of this was that Wizard’s Middle School is just starting the process. I have already filled out his form, so I am ahead of that game. I’m wondering whether I can take the younger two there if they can’t get the vaccine at the Snooty School.

Meanwhile, WineGuy has been sick with a nasty cough for at least three weeks. Instead of going to his internist — or his buddy that plays one in real life — he chose to medicate himself. Like usual. I’m pissed because he’s taking such poor care of himself. He still won’t go to the doctor. He promised me last summer that he would make appointments to see the eye doctor and the dentist. He still hasn’t done that either. And, by the way, WG, the gastroenterologist, is over 50 and hasn’t had his screening colonoscopy done yet.

Doctors make the worst patients. Physician, heal thyself!


3 thoughts on “Doctors as Patients

  1. Men, in general, seem to be terrible patients but the docs I know are, as you write, the worst patients.

    I hope the Snooty School comes through with the vaccines.

  2. I blogged about vaccination frustrations, too. They’ve just re-re-scheduled the clinic at my kids’ school.

    Meanwhile, it’s like pulling teeth to get me the plain old seasonal flu vaccine.

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