In my never-ending quest for meaningful, positive things about which to write this month, I found a challenge from Sock Girl to list 5 pearls of wisdom I’ve learned from a young person (teen or child). OK, Sock-babe, here goes.

  1. Children know good books when they read them. Moose and Wizard encouraged me to read the “Percy Jackson and The Olympians” series this summer after we saw a trailer for “The Lightning Thief” movie coming in February 2010. They loved the modern take on mythology. Even Wild Thing, a reluctant reader, read the first book and loved it.
  2. Laugh with your children, more often than you laugh at them. Wizard shares my cynical sense of humor and made me laugh at one of his antics this afternoon. It felt great to share yuks with my moody teen.
  3. It’s all about the shoes. A little girl in synagogue tonight was wearing some fierce pink-and-white cowboy boots. They matched her shiny pink headband. She also has this fabulous pair of sparkly red shoes that rival Dorothy’s on any given day. Little Girlfriend, your kicks always make me smile.
  4. A good scare is cathartic. Wild Thing and Moose routinely hide around corners from each other, jump out, and scare the snot out of the other one. I’ll hear “Boo!”, “Aaaaah!” and then peals of laughter.
  5. Boys smell, but they don’t know it. Little boys smell of sweat and candy and stinky underwear. Big boys smell of body odor, body spray, and chips.

Pass this Pearl along and tell me and/or Sock Girl all about it.


3 thoughts on “Pearls

  1. Wow! Such a great list!

    I’ve never been called Sock-babe before… I think I like it 🙂

    Also, I think I need to get myself some sparkly footwear because that description made me smile just reading about it.

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