A Mostly Lovely Day

Let’s focus on the best parts of today, shall we?

Today was Moose’s first basketball game. He’s playing in a youth league (ages 6-7) at the local park. Wizard and Wild Thing reluctantly accompanied me to the game early this morning. Moose was excited to receive his yellow team jersey, and he wore it proudly. Moose started the game and played really well. He passed the ball to his teammates. He blocked shots and caught rebounds, and he scored lots of points! Wizard, WT, and I loudly cheered on Moose and his team. It was cute to watch some kids running down the court with the ball — not dribbling — and staring blankly at which goal to shoot. Moose’s head was right in the game; he really anticipated where he needed to be to help the team. Of course, it helped greatly that Moose towered over his opponents by a good 4-6 inches. His team showed great teamwork and spirit, even though they lost 24-20. At least it was a close game. The spread on the other court was 12 points.

Afterwards, we stopped at the bagel shop and brought bagels home for breakfast. While Moose showered, Wizard finished his laundry, and I made breakfast. I scrambled a dozen — yes, a dozen — eggs, served bagels and cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, orange juice … the whole spread. Wizard asked to eat outside, so we enjoyed our mid-morning feast out on the lanai. It was 79º, breezy, and balmy. The waterfalls splashed in the background as we listened to Beausoleil and Kermit Ruffins to remind us of New Orleans. The boys cleared the dishes. WT and Wizard cleaned up while Moose started his laundry.

It was such a beautiful day that Moose and WT wanted to swim. They frolicked in our pool until they were pruny and cold. Wizard got his wish to play Wii, and then WineGuy came home. (He’s on-call this weekend.) WG didn’t want to stay home so he went to a local art show. The boys and I played a long game of “Ticket To Ride” (Märklin edition). I cooked Tuscan Chicken and “Beans and Greens” for dinner, and it was delicious. By the way, “Beans and Greens” are cannellini beans sauteed with garlic, escarole, and red peppers.

Nevertheless, the boys were all wild and acting gross this evening. WT and Moose did not go to bed when asked. Of course, Wizard stuck his nose in the middle of that mess, but he asked his father for help. True to form, WG did  not go upstairs to speak to the younger boys. He just sat downstairs and lectured Wizard and then WT.

Two rooms of laundry done. A third in the works. Bellies well-fed. Not a bad day after all.


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