This is merely a perfunctory post. I walked 2.5 miles today and had a busy day. I’m sleepy, but I need to post something.

Currently, my favorite scents are Narciso Rodriguez, Sisley’s Soie de Lune, and Cartier’s Le Baiser du Dragon. I like Narciso because it is clean, modern, and floral without being citrusy or soapy. Soie de Lune enchants me with tuberoses; it’s slightly exotic and reminds me of a blast from the past, Maroc by Ultima II.

As for Cartier, they are fragrances for a woman of substance. Le Baiser du Dragon (Dragon’s Kiss), is a heady, sexy, sandalwoody scent meant for evening wear.

What’s your favorite fragrance?


3 thoughts on “Perfume

  1. I used to wear Victoria from Victoria Secret, they stopped making a few years ago. I have yet to find a perfume I like since then. I don’t do well with many smells and shopping for perfume tends to overwelm me with choices so I give up. Maybe at some reunion you and the other moms can help me find a new perfume I love.

  2. When I was young, I wore Muguet, love the smell of lilies of the valley. Then I found Laura Ashley No. 1, which was my signature until they stopped making it and until I could no longer find it in strange, out of the way places. Today, I wear V’tae Vanilla so that I don’t provoke allergy attacks in my friends. Everyone says I smell like cookies and that they get happy when they smell me coming…

  3. I’m with Squib and definitely need help finding a current one. What I have now feels too light and summery and is also from VS. I hate floral scents get way too picky about it to make it an easy task!

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