12 Steps?

My time mysteriously disappears down several Internet black holes. Facebook is a big consumer of time, what with keeping up with the quotidian minutiae of the immediate world,  playing endless games of Scrabble with Calvin and friends, and playing endless, mindless games on the evil Mindjolt games there. E-v-i-l. I have openly admitted my addiction to the online version of Ticket To Ride. My desk screams for attention as do the stack of books on my nightstand. Oh, and of course this blog. Many days this month I’ve found myself racing against the clock to post something before the stroke of midnight.

Hi, my name is Alto2, and I’m addicted to my computer:

Etched in stone.

  1. I am not powerless over my computer. I just choose to ignore the ugly reality of my life.
  2. I believe a power greater than myself can restore me to sanity. They’re called children, spouse, and bills.
  3. I have decided to turn my will and my life over to the care of G-d. I’m waiting for Him to clean the house and pay the bills.
  4. I made a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself. And I like it.
  5. I have admitted to G-d, to myself, and to all you blogfriends the exact nature of  my wrong. Won’t you join me?
  6. I am entirely ready for G-d to remove all these defects from my character. G-d, while you’re at it, can You delete my potty mouth, too?
  7. I humbly ask G-d to remove my shortcomings. I also humbly ask G-d to remove these 100 pounds I’m struggling with.
  8. I made a list of all the persons I have harmed, and I am willing to make amends to them all. Just as soon as I find it in the pile on my desk.
  9. I have made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would be inconvenient or uncomfortable for me.
  10. I continue to take a personal inventory, and I admit that I am wrong to continue forsaking my responsibilities for that 101-point Bingo! in Scrabble.
  11. I seek, through prayer and meditation, to improve my conscious contact with G-d. Yes, I really do this weekly in synagogue.
  12. I have had a spiritual awakening, and I’ll practice these principles in all my affairs. Just as soon as I get them in order. Later. After I play another round of Scrabble with Calvin.

And, if I have offended anyone, please accept my profound apologies.


3 thoughts on “12 Steps?

  1. This list is so familiar….it is also why I know full well that even though my final youth league board position ends in January, it’s not like I will magically Get My Life Back and have oodles of time to read that pile of books on my nightstand or to tend to my garden or….oooh, must check Twitter & Facebook for updates 😉

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