No one moved quickly in The Zone this Monday morning. Wild Thing and Moose were a few minutes late for school today because Moose couldn’t get out of bed. Apparently, the lethargy was contagious: when I returned home, I found Wizard downstairs in his bathrobe.

Me: Why aren’t you dressed? You have school today.

Wiz: I’m not going to school today.

Me: Why not?

Wiz; I don’t feel like it. You didn’t let me have a weekend so I’m taking today off. Besides, I don’t feel well. [coughs weakly]

Me: You didn’t ask my permission to stay home, and I don’t approve. I’m calling school and telling them you’re not excused.

Wiz: Fine. [flops back down in front of the TV]

I called Wizard’s bluff: I phoned the middle school and told them that Wizard was home, not really sick, and without my consent or permission. The receptionist said she’d take care of it. An hour later an unmarked police car pulled up in the driveway.

Me: Wizard, there is a car I the driveway. Someone is here to see you.

The doorbell rang, and Wizard sauntered up as I answered it.

Cop: Good morning, Mrs Alto2. I’m Corporal Cox from the middle school. I understand we have someone who doesn’t want to go to school today.

Me: Yes, sir. Here he is.

Corp. Cox chatted with Wizard for a minute and determined the kid was well enough to go to school. The cop sent Wizard upstairs to get dressed. Wizard took his sweet time, of course; so the officer told Wiz to hurry up or he would go up and help Wiz get dressed. Wiz came downstairs, dressed and with books, shortly thereafter.

While Wiz was upstairs, Corp. Cox recommended he take Wizard to school and sign him in. I imagine Corp. Cox used his drive time to “light a fire under my son”, as he phrased it.

I have no regrets narc-ing on my son. He thought he could get away with truancy, and he can’t. However, I am sure Wizard will be furious after school today. Frankly, I hope he gets detention, too. He’ll have to walk the 4.5 miles home from school because I won’t go get him.

8 thoughts on “Truant

  1. That is AWESOME…..way to go!!! I have recently made a rule that I leave at 7:10 am. I will call up to Anna one time when I get downstairs (generally 6:40 am), as a courtesy. After that, its up to her—-if she is ready and in the car when I leave, I am happy to drop her off (its 2 blocks off my normal path), if not its up to her to get to school. If she doesn’t make it to school, we will not excuse her absence and will support the school with whatever disciplinary measures they impose. No fuss, no drama and I am as nice and sweet as can be but don’t nag her to get up, don’t check her uniform (she’s gotten 2 lunch detentions in the past 2 weeks for being out of dress code), and don’t ask if she has her homework, or her lunch, etc. So far its about 1/2 & 1/2 as to whether she makes it in time for a ride or walks. It was close last week during the Ida remnants but I was totally prepared to leave her to get herself to school in a torrential downpour – its about a 3/4 mile walk.

  2. Way to go! We’ve had a couple of mornings where we were very close, but he decided to move along and make the bus. I am inspired to mean it when I say it should it come to pass in this household!

  3. I have found that some children learn when you tell them stuff, and others need to learn the hard way. It looks like Wiz prefers to learn the hard way. My deepest sympathy to you, I know how it feels – I have one that prefers to do it the hard way as well! And congratulations to you for sticking to your guns and doing what’s right for the child rather than what’s easy!

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