Let It Go

For want of a post, a blog competition was lost. I failed to post yesterday for the first time in 21 days. Oh well, I guess I’m not going to win any prizes from NaBloPoMo — again — this year. Bite me.

While I am desperately trying not to post the daily and ugly trials and tribulations of living with a 13 year-old boy, I am faithfully trying to live a more positive life. Change comes hard to stubborn Alto2, but I have yelled less than usual in the last few days. Unfortunately, Wizard pushes me to the brink daily. Yesterday, he was so overtly mean to me, he made me cry. So, I went for a long walk until my sore foot was swollen and throbbing. Pfft … letting yesterday go.

You all know what a balm singing and music are for me. I filled my soul with music this morning. Craig Taubman, a nationally known Jewish musician gave a short concert in the area this morning. He started the concert by having the audience sing a niggun, an improvised wordless tune common to Jewish music. Niggunim (pl.) are used to get people in the mood for praying. In this case, Taubman  used the niggun to focus the congregation’s attention to the music and its spiritual nature. It worked. The audienced hushed and listened intently for the next hour. Sometimes we sang along; sometimes we clapped. Sometimes I sang out loud and clear and in harmony with all those around me . . . regardless of how it embarrassed Wizard, who sat next to me. And, it made me feel good:  to be in a large congregation of Conservative Jews, to be in a large congregation of singers, to be in a large group of people just happy to be together and share some wonderful music. I bought a couple of CDs, and I’m listening to them as I write.

Craig Taubman raised me up today. I wonder how long it will last.


3 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. community singing is a powerful, healing, fun, exhilarating thing to be part of – and how lucky you are to have a lovely voice you are confident with to take part

    re the nablopomo thing – at least you can blog for fun again, instead of for ‘commitment’, it makes a difference to the enjoyment of the process 🙂

  2. The music does sound beautiful, and I’m glad you found something to lift your spirits. And as for NaBloPoMo not to worry. If it were being judged on quality versus quantity I tanked quite some time ago and even the few words I’ve managed have been a challenge. I’m extremely happy you’re blogging again.

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