I am struggling with lots of issues right now. I’ve wanted to crystallize my thoughts and feelings here for days, but I am consumed with the obligations of the season.

What I really need right now is a long chat and some coffee (or a stiff drink) with Sprite. At the moment, I’m settling for a calming trip to the bookstore. My horoscope gave me a message to heed today: “Observe instead of reacting.”

Kris says to breathe. In … out … focus … calm down. I can do that.


3 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Oooh! OOooh! Sprite here! I have calming treats in mind, fun plans for us!! Stay the course–be strong–you can do it!!! Counting the days…

  2. it’s called the ‘silly season’ for a reason!

    sorry to hear you’ve been struggling and hope that somewhere in this season you find a listening ear, over a cup of coffee or something stronger

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