Social Ties

Today, I am thinking about how social media strengthens my ties to people.

Facebook consumes way too much of my time, but I really like it. It has brought many friends and family members back into my life. FB opens a window into the daily lives if people I rarely get to see and allows me to share my own quotidian triumphs and frustrations.

Blogging, first on Blogspot and now on WordPress, is therapeutic. I write to work out problems and to solicit help in solving them. I can flesh out a little humor occasionally. I enjoy experiencing my friends’ creative processes and mining the depths of their knowledge.

I haven’t yet succumbed to Twitter, mostly because I just don’t see the point. Ditto for MySpace, although I see its benefit for my niece, who is a singer trying to promote her work. Wizard recently informed me he started a MySpace page, but I can’t find it. That concerns me because, although he intellectually understands what is and is not appropriate to post, he is a teenage boy and therefore a lemming. Unlike the chlldren of my August96 Mom friends, Wizard will not play by the rules of giving me his username and password and allowing me access to his page. I am not happy about that.


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