Written In The Woods

I see it’s been nearly a month since I last posted. I am basically stranded in the backwoods of Maine. Since early this morning, I have sat in seminars detailing the theories and strategies of Outward Bound. I enjoyed hearing tales of the trail — stories of Wizard’s group’s adventures canoeing, hiking, and backpacking through Western Maine. Now, I am waiting to speak with one of Wizard’s counselors about his experiences and growth these last four weeks.

The problem is that there is a 3-hour gap between seminar and conference. I’m staying in a B&B 7 miles from the base camp, but I don’t have a car. (I flew in early and spent a day with Squib, who delivered me to the shuttle that brought me up here yesterday and today.) I was angry. I was tired. I was bored.

So, I used what I learned today — to be positive — and came outside to a picnic table on a deck in the woods. The birds are chirping, and a slight breeze rustles the leaves. The setting sun illuminates the forest greens of summer. A wandering moose would make my mini Maine vacation complete. G-d granted me the serenity I crave but fail to seek for myself.

More tomorrow after much soul-searching.


9 thoughts on “Written In The Woods

  1. So…how do you (we) learn (teach ourselves) to “crave” serenity? Such wisdom you betrayed right there at the end of your post. I saw your pix on fb and hoped your soul was as peaceful as those woods. I look forward to the next installment, and to lunch (or something!) when you return. Thinking about you every day.

  2. Just dropped our daughter off in Minnesota for intecept…got the parent workbook and I must say, as a teacher, it looks like everything I’ve already seen and heard before. I’m optimistic however that this experience can’t be anything but good for her (and us). Even the preparation for the course (we began hiking some pretty strenuous trails) gave us time to get away from it all and talk more closely than we ever have. Something about the wilderness…Anyway best of luck to you and yours.

    • Deb,
      My husband, particularly, was skeptical about Intecept’s potential for success. I, for one, was willing to buy into any program that might give us our son back.

      I can assure you that Wizard’s experience was life-changing. He got so much more out of it once he bought into the program. For you as a teacher, there may not be anything new about Intercept’s tenets, but I learned a lot about myself, about how to improve communication, and about my child. I’m about to write a follow-up post which should provide some more insight.

      • Hi… Sorry to ask… it almost feels like prying. Did you ever write a follow up? I didn’t see anything between this post and October 2010

  3. Morning! I hear a glimmer of good news in your recent reply to Deb. That word “life-changing” is pretty key. Can’t wait to learn the whole story!

  4. Did you write a follow up on Outward Bound? I’d love to know if it helped Wizard as I have a 14yo boy I’m thinking about putting in the program.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Outward Bound helped Wizard for only as long as he — and his father — were willing to work the program. Unfortunately, my husband did not participate the way he should have, and he did great damage to his relationship with Wizard. Truthfully, if we could have sent Wizard away to a boarding school program that could have continued working with Wizard following OB, we would have done so.

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