One Toe In

I’m skulking back to the blogosphere. NaBloPoMo just emailed me a reminder that November is right around the corner; it’s a good excuse (kick in the pants?) to start writing again. Not that Sprite and SeattleMom T haven’t tried righteously already.

I changed my theme, although I’m not positive I love it. I’ve been away from WordPress so long that I hardly know how to use the site anymore. Bad, Alto2!

If you felt this little ripple from my big toe (mouth, ahem), give me a little shout-out and spread the love.


7 thoughts on “One Toe In

  1. Ripple, ripple, ripple! Me too!!! I’m going to try and get back on board for November.

    My life has been totally crazy. Hoping my feet will hit the ground soon.

    Will tell you all about it in November!

    Good to see you back on board. Even if it’s only for a moment!

  2. Oh good! It would be nice to hear more from the August mom bloggers! This is one of my favorite new themes you are using. It’s on my lsit when I choose to redecorate again 😉 I love the header photos of all your boys!

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