NaBlo — Uh Oh!

Halloween is over, but cue the menacing music. NaBloPoMo 2010 is here. I am already panicked. Early this morning, I read Wreke Havoc‘s first post of the month; she’ll be blogging about her pet peeves all months. “Theme blogging! Great,” I thought. Then, I cleared my bowels head and countered with, “I don’t have a theme. I can’t keep my head straight. I need be on Ritalin. How the  hell can I stick to a theme for an entire month?” (Do you like that internal dialogue within myself? Don’t count on it. That’s rare.)

So, I took myself to breakfast and pondered some topics:

  • Books:  I read voraciously. While I probably won’t read 30 books in 30 days, I could pull some personal favorites from my Goodreads profile and write some reviews. Not. I’m not good at book reviews. If you want good book reviews, go Somewhere in the Suburbs. LSM reads as much as I do; she’s an excellent writer and gives great book reviews.
  • Music:  I love music — all kinds — but I am not versed enough to review that either. I perform, and I can string together a few literate arpeggios, but if you want real insight into music, call Miss Music Nerd.
  • Art:  Now, here’s a subject that’s close to my heart. I took art history in college. I’ve visited some of the greatest museums in the world. I’ve even taught my children a thing or two about art. But, I edit better than I create. So, get your daily dose of visual virtuosity from Kel or Robin.
  • Humor:  I can crack a joke with the best of them, especially at my own expense. However, I really love Sock Girl‘s dry wit. If some yahoo in PEI would please just give her a permanent, full-time job with great benefits and decent hours, she could spend more time making us all laugh.

Then, it hit me:  I won’t hem myself in with a theme this month. I’ll bend whichever the hurricane-force winds of my home and mind blow me. In the beginning as in the end, I start the month with tributes and shout-outs to some of my favorite bloggers. Let’s see who I discover this month as I mine through NaBloPoMo’s blogroll.


8 thoughts on “NaBlo — Uh Oh!

  1. Themes are overrated: just post “something” (anything!) every day! I’m doing NaBloPoMo too again this year. It’s a great kick in the pants to post more regularly.

    Good luck!

  2. I think themes are overrated too. I run into trouble with them every time I try to do a month-long theme.

    Besides, I love your humor, your reviews, and your mix of stuff from everyday life.

    Thank you so much for the shout-out. I appreciate it. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I’ve never been able to pull off a theme. That’s way too much required focus!

    Also – ditto on Old Blue Socks – that gal needs to be able to share her view of the world with us more often!

    Good luck – and most of all – have fun!

  4. thanx for the link love

    i look forward to seeing where the wind blows each day here

    as for me, not taking on nablopomo this year, although from memory it’s how i linked with some blog buddies quite a few years back now

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I am not committing to daily writing in November this year, but I do plan to step up my writing pace. Next up…our family trip to New York!

  6. thanks for the love. as for me, the only reason i pick a theme this month (and no other, i would point out) is because it helps me consistently write about something — in this case, i am whining — (as we say on pesach, ma nish ta na ha lilah hazeh?) but 11 months out of the year? i blather. irregularly, i would add.

    looking forward to what you have to say 🙂

  7. I got to the 4th of November, before I remembered it was November… so I sort of blew NaBloPoMo right out of the gate… but I’m going to try really hard to use November as a springboard to more frequent blogging again.

    And thanks for the link and the compliment and good wishes. It made my day. xo

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