Election Night

I wrote a whole post on my phone and thought I published it. It must have disappeared into cyberspace. Too much red here in Florida. Right-wing Republican rookies abound — from the Santorum-like Marco Rubio to the skinhead billionaire, Rick Scott, who bought the election with ill-gotten gains from Medicare fraud. I’m disgusted, and I’m going to bed. Being a FL Democrat makes me feel like a token minority: trotted out for show with no voice whatsoever.


3 thoughts on “Election Night

  1. You know what’s really weird? In my RSS feed I saw both your posts. But then when I came here to comment, there is only one!

    Florida is …..UGH! The only light in my election night was seeing the all blue results in CA.

  2. The earlier post from the phone showed up this morning on my WordPress app for the phone, but not last night. I was afraid of missing a day, so I wrote another post.

    In the meantime, I live in a political cesspool … which kind of fits the pig-sty that is my house.

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