I’m Great

Today is almost over, and I have absolutely nothing to bitch about — oops, I’m not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition. I’ll share some good news from the extended family:  one of my nieces in Israel had a baby girl yesterday! This is the first child for her and her husband. She is my brother, The Egg’s, fourth grandchild. Therefore, I am “great” — a Great Aunt — four times over! It’s kind of weird since I still have young children, but you should know that I was 15 years old when The Egg’s first child was born. In fact, my oldest nephew was born the day after my 15th birthday.

The newest member of the Alto2 family will hopefully receive her name after Shabbat this week, according to Orthodox Jewish tradition. If there’s any consistency with my brother’s kids, they’ll give the child some obscure, hard-to-pronounce Hebrew name that allegedly honors my father or another deceased relative. It’s not surprising considering The Egg and his entire immediate family live in Israel.

Great Niece #4 is my mother’s fourth great-grandchild. Moose is actually my mother’s 18th grandchild. Here is a picture of Mom taken in 2009 at Wizard’s Bar Mitzvah.

Finally, WineGuy and I just celebrated our 18th anniversary. In Hebrew gematria (a system of assigning numerical value to a word or phrase), the number 18 is auspicious because its letters spell “chai” (not the drink, the Hebrew letters, yud [י] and chet [ח] . Yud, with a numerical value of 10, plus chet, with a numerical value of 8, equals 18. If you’ve heard of the expression, l’chaim, it literally  means “to life”.

It’s a great week filled with life.


4 thoughts on “I’m Great

  1. So I opened this in my Reader program first & just saw the picture & wondered why you were writing about Helen Mirren! Do you see the resemblance in that photo? WOW!

    It’s great that you are Great. Happy Anniversary 🙂

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