It’s Fall

Yes, blog friends, there is fall in Southwest Florida. It is a fleeting season between those other well-known seasons:  hurricane and tourist. However, by the looks of things, tourist season has arrived early:  Every car-carrier I see, every Midwestern license plate driving 30 mph in a 50 mph zone, brings me to a new level of tolerance and dread. But, I digress.

What does fall look like in the near-tropics? Like this:

Just about the same as the rest of the year with a few subtle changes. First, the temperatures have miraculously dropped from high 80s and humid to mid-60s and low humidity today. The sky is clear blue with nary a cloud in sight. The a/c in the house is off, and WineGuy even applauded the open windows and doors. (We have a fully screened lanai.) The locals are having their gardeners plant planting their gardens with impatiens and begonias abound in hothouse colors of red, fuchsia, yellow, white, and purple. Hanging baskets of sweet potato vines and fuchsias popping up all over town to welcome the cooler weather and the tourists.

Halloween decorations went up and down rapidly in October. Orange and black suddenly gave way to red and green all over town. The resorts and shopping districts are wrapping their trees in endless strands of tiny white lights, heralding the holiday season. Just as sure as jingle bells rock, some magnanimous neighbor of mine will “donate” two huge Christmas wreaths to adorn our gates. And, it’s not even Turkey Day yet.


2 thoughts on “It’s Fall

  1. i must say, i was there this past weekend — well, not THERE, but in miami — and it was very chilly! everyone of course blamed me for bringing the cold down from up north. cos i have that sort of power over fire, water, the earth, and pretty much everything, you know.

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