Just Deal With It

It’s almost the end of the day, and I had nothing in mind to write. It was a pretty awful day around here because Wild Thing did not take his Ritalin and Concertta today, and Wizard has been bullying his brothers all day. If I could send that boy away, I would, but that’s a post for another day, when I’m less tired and angry.

Instead, I surfed over to the NaBloPoMo website and looked at a few prompts. I can handle this one:

Write down five things that you’re just tolerating right now instead of dealing with them. What will it take to get them out of your way?

  1. I’m tolerating the piles of papers on my office and kitchen desks instead of filing them or managing them. I need to sit down one morning, with some peace and quiet (and no Facebook) and go through everything.
  2. I’m tolerating the stack of communications from the health insurance company because I never sat down when the policy changed to really learn how to manage the new insurance. I should call BC/BS and have them walk me through the entire process because I’m sure I’m paying for things I should not.
  3. I’m tolerating the boys’ slovenliness and refusal to keep their rooms clean or keep up with their laundry. It is an endless cycle of cleaning, filth, screaming, and not one of them caring about his room or his stuff. I need to fire my housekeeper and hire a new one who will help me with the laundry. The current one finds every excuse not to finish her washing and folding on the day she’s here, and it drives me crazy.
  4. I’m tolerating poor eating, sleep, and exercise habits instead of being healthy. I want to do this drastic diet program that Belle is doing and drop some weight quickly so I can get my act together. I need to find a more holistic or suitable program than the drastic one which may not be good for me.
  5. I’m tolerating one discordant member of my book club because I can’t really throw her out, as much as I want to. Another member brought in Miss Discord without my knowing it was actually Miss Discord until the first time she attended. I have no idea how to gently push Miss Discord out of the group that I have nurtured and maintained for the last several years.

I always welcome your suggestions and/or constructive criticism.


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