Turkey Day Prep

I realize this is my regular blog (not my food blog), but I’m focused on Thanksgiving prep right now. Except for my Peanut Soup recipe, I will post some of this year’s successes on The Need to Feed.

Despite tantrums by every bipedal male member of this household, I managed to get three dishes done so far.

The first was the cranberry-orange relish. Normally, my MIL brings this dish, which all of her children love dearly. However, MIL injured her elbow and wrist and cannot grind the cranberries. I pulled out my recipe and whirled it together this afternoon.

Next on the list was the gravy. Every cook knows that good turkey gravy begins with good turkey stock. Hack apart some turkey wings and brown them. Chop up some carrots and celery and brown them. Brown some onion halves and throw it all in a stockpot with some seasonings and chicken stock and simmer for a few hours. Strain, defat, make a roux, and add back the stock — voilà, gravy!

Last thing on the list today was my traditional peanut soup. No details or hints on this one: I gave out the recipe once to WineGuy’s sister; she “doctored” it and ruined it. Never again. Next up is spinach and artichoke casserole, Moose’s favorite.

Although I’m buying pies for dessert, I am suddenly obsessed with cranberry cheesecake. A friend said she was making one with a cranberry sauce on top. Now I’m plotting to make it for dessert Wednesday night. It will follow dinner of a standing rib roast and cauliflower puree.

In the Zone, food is love.


2 thoughts on “Turkey Day Prep

  1. I’m trying soup for Thanksgiving for the first time this year; Mel’s butternut squash and pear. I think I have most of my recipes on my food blog this year; the exception is the turkey recipe Mimi recommended… I’m going to see if that works.


    Of course, I ask DH to do exactly one thing for the meal… pick up our complimentary pie today; and he couldn’t remember to do that.

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