Skulking Back

I skulk back to my blog with my head hanging low. I want to write regularly, but I am sick and tired of my own complaining. What’s motivated me to creep back to my own keyboard is catching up on my friends’ blogs and reading The Choice, the New York Times blog on college admissions and aid. A couple of the August96 Moms follow The Choice, and it intrigued me. I went back and read all the posts from this academic year.

Wizard’s abysmal performance in freshman academics has me very worried about his collegiate prospects. His lack of self-motivation to physically train for upcoming JV lacrosse tryouts concerns me, too. I think he wants to succeed somewhere, but he doesn’t know how — or where — or perhaps he fears failure more. I just don’t know how to help him through this. Unlike before, however, my hopes are not all lost. A sophomore classmate of Wizard’s (Tenor2) now sings with my in the adult chorale. I’ve gotten to know Tenor2 during the many rides home I’ve given him from rehearsals and performances. Tenor2, who was a superstar in middle school, told me he really floundered throughout his freshman year at Zone High School. Now, Tenor2 is a dedicated student, involved in lots of activities, and is doing well in school. His story gives me hope that Wizard will find his way. I certainly hope so, because Wizard’s guidance counselor informed me a few weeks ago, that absent Wizard’s failing every class, school board policy is to advance him to the next grade, until he reaches his junior year. Policy states that a student can be held in his junior year (indefinitely?) until he passes his classes. And, Wizard knows this and will exploit it — I fear — for the next 2 years.

However, I felt a tiny ray of hope last night. The boys and I attended the synagogue’s annual game night. A good friend sat and chatted with us for a few minutes. She asked all the boys what they want to be when they grow up. Wild Thing immediately answered, “a doctor.” Moose added, “I’m not sure exactly, but I know it will involve computers and probably math and science.” Wizard replied, “I want to run a hotel.” WTF  and hooray! It’s the first time I’ve ever heard Wizard articulate a career goal. For that, I thank some of my oldest friends, the K Twins, whom I’ve known since Kindergarten. They attended Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration and have worked in hotels and restaurants for 25 years. They both made a huge impression on Wizard when we visited them in San Francisco last summer. Now, I need to cultivate that hotel and culinary interest into a summer job for Wizard.


2 thoughts on “Skulking Back

  1. It’s fabulous that Wizard is showing an interest in a particular field. With all the great hotels in your area, I’m sure he could find a summer job that would be interesting and hopefully inspire him to turn things around so that he can get into a good college program.

  2. It seems every tourist area I’ve been in recently imports a boat load of Eastern European kids to work at hotels, restaurants, them parks etc. during the summer. I wonder if there is any equivalent program like that for American kids that would let him live away from home for the summer? Of course, our Aug. kids are disadvantaged in terms of summer work; they could do more if they turned 15 at the beginning of the summer than at the end… but maybe worth a look? Would your friends be able to help him find something?

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