The Outlaws Are Back

My in-laws showed up here this weekend, ostensibly to celebrate WineGuy’s birthday yesterday. They’ve been cold and critical of Wizard and Wild Thing; Moose is not here at the moment. Now they’ve gone and hidden in the guest room, while WineGuy is hiding in our room watching basketball. Clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

As Tracey Ullman used to say, “Go home. Go home. Go home.”


One thought on “The Outlaws Are Back

  1. oh i feel your pain

    my outlaws arrive in a few weeks
    after their last visit of ten days proved too much i told Mr X there was a new 5 day rule for them – so they call and say they are coming for ten days again
    Mr X tells them those dates don’t suit us due to other commitments , and gives them a 5-day timeframe that is suitable, he then gets a ‘guilt trip’ earbashing by his mother, “don’t you want us to come”,”tell us another time when we can come for ten days” yada yada ya

    may your home soon be restored to it’s normal routine
    without the presence of outlaws to rule the atmosphere


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