Should I Stay or Should I Go?

My kids, like all kids, forget to tell me things: sign a test, when is picture day, bring a snack to class. The usual numbskull was Wizard … until today when Wild Thing joined the pantheon of stupid.

We stumbled out of the house early for a conference with WT’s adviser, when WT mumbled something about cheese. Me: Cheese?
WT: Cheese cubes.
Me: What about cheese cubes?
WT: I need them for History class today.
Me: Today? When did you learn of this?
WT: Monday (3 days ago)
Me: Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
WT: [wait for it] I forgot.
Me: ::imagining expletives:: No.
WT: But, but, I’m supposed to!!
Me: You might be, but I’m not.

At this point, Wine Guy pulls me aside and says, “Just go get him the cheese.” I wasn’t going to do it. I really wasn’t. But, my first appointment canceled, and
I found myself with an hour to kill. So, I schlepped to the grocery store then back to school to drop off the cheese.

It begs the question: should I have stuck to my guns or did I do the right thing? When faced with a last-minute request from a “forgetful” child, do you accede or tell him to suffer the consequences?


One thought on “Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  1. I end up doing a combination of both based on my schedule and/or mood. DH is worse than any of the kids though. He made a “policy” that he will only go back and get something Anna forgot ONE time this semester early in the year. Well, within a couple days, he was calling me in the morning wanting Anna to bring something in to school that HE forgot. I made a joke about it being “his one time.” Needless to say, he has ended up using a lot more than one time. And honestly, there are a couple of times when *I* have either just “forgotten” or “not got” his text asking us to do or bring in whatever it was he forgot. This morning he literally forgot Anna (he takes her on Friday because I’m off) and I had to call him to come back for her.

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