Driving and Dining

Today is one of those rare Saturdays when we didn’t have to run anywhere or do anything in particular. For once, I got to sleep late (7:30A) and snuggle with my Siamese cat, Tuk-Tuk a/k/a The Fat. We watched “The Princess and The Frog” on cable and generally lazed around until WineGuy tempted us with breakfast out. Suddenly, I was up and dressed and out the door, dreaming of omelets and waffles.

Imagine my surprise when WG pulled into the local luxury car dealer and proclaimed, “We’re here.” What do you mean “we’re here”? Am I supposed to eat a Lamborghini logo for breakfast? My spendthrift husband found a unique opportunity that satisfied one family member’s need for speed and the rest’s need to feed: Breakfast Club at the exotic car dealer. Wizard was in high heaven trolling amongst the Lambos, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Bentleys, etc. Moose enjoyed his waffle as much as the Murcielago that was there. WG and I had freshly made omelets, then strolled amongst the dreamcars. Not what I had in mind, but certainly out of the box.

Afterwards, we ran a few errands. WG voluntarily drove to Dillard’s to shop a little for himself. (My husband loathes shopping.) We stopped at the ATT Store to activate my old iPhone for Wizard, who managed to be grateful and an ingrate simultaneously. A detour to the Cuban cafe brought batidos, empanadas, and a tamal to the still-hungry masses. We retrieved Wild Thing from a Bar Mitzvah and came home.

I’m now sitting on my lanai, listening to the pool burbling, and reveling in a 75º, breezy, blue-sky of a day … writing about nothing. How Seinfeldian.


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