Underachievers – Bethesda Magazine – September-October 2011 – Bethesda, MD.

I found this article on my desk after I returned home from a quick trip to Orlando. My husband would have never sought this out himself, so it must have come from The Outlaws, who spend half the year in the DC area. It’s so disheartening that they make such an effort to point out my children’s flaws when compared to their other grandchildren — The Prodigals in St. Louis, and The Nice Ones in Fort Lauderdale.

When my in-laws send crap like this to my husband (and ostensibly to me), they’re indirectly accusing us of poor parenting and spoiling our children. It just pisses me off to no end. WineGuy and I are doing the best we can with our family. We chose to marry within the faith, which WG’s sister did not do. We’ve been married for 19 years; WG’s brother, formerly of Fort Lauderdale, is twice-divorced, and another brother divorced over 20 years ago and lost touch with his only child.

Yes, I have bright, arrogant children. I’m happy about that most of the time. I have taught them to question authority. I have taught them to be independent and do for themselves. I am teaching them to make their own decisions and bear the consequences thereof. I do not need to be reminded regularly that my kids aren’t as “good” as the other grandkids, especially not from grandparents who have enabled severe underachievement from two of their own four children over the last 50+ years.


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